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My high school headteacher teaches my English. He is handsome. And he is very thin for hardwork. He is about forty years old. He looks serious. But in fact, he is kind, nice and warmhearted.


On the one hand, he is serious on study. Whoever doesn’t finish the homework or cheat in the exam, he will punish him or her badly. Sometimes he will let those students do doble homework or have another exam. Sometimes he will ask those students write reports on that behavior. But when teaching us in class, he is so patient. It’s the same when asking him questions. On the other hand, he will play with us after class. Meanwhile, if anyone has any difficuty in study or daily life, he will give a hand without hesitation.


All in all, we love our headteacher, though sometimes he is serious. We like his responsibility. We also appreciate his spirit to work for students heart and soul.



The people as a teacher, I often ask myself the question: do a good teacher, should have the most important requirements? Are beautiful language? Are a broad range of knowledge? Or a rich teaching experience? In practice, the process I found: As a good teacher must not only have the people fluent in the language of the beautiful, extensive knowledge, rich experience in teaching, the most important thing is to have love.

Teachers are teaching the students love and selfless love, which is the core of morality, it is the flaming torch, ignited the dreams of students; it is a guiding light to illuminate the way students move forward.

Mr. Lu has to say: "Education is rooted in the love of" Love is the source of education, teachers with love, only with horses with the vision to discoverstudents for their education with confidence and love object will have to strive for excellence and innovative spirit. National model workers, Beijing Normal University Professor Lin Chongde think, "love their children are instinctive, and love other people's children are sacred!" Teachers love the students, in essence is a kind of pay do not talk about, selfless no blood of love, a love ofphase relief. Such sacred love is extremely pure. This holy love is the teacher Lee Yuk-pui, the feelings of peach foundation, students realize that, once this true friendship, will be "pro-his teacher, Respect his teacher", thus "trust the Road", it is in the process , imparting knowledge and educating people on the implementation of its fundamental features.

Love is not all education, but the love of education are the most basic precondition, "If every child's pleasure and are upset with your heart beat, caused by your thinking, concern and worry, then you brave to choose the highest teachers work as their career now,

you can find at one of the joy of creation. "It is precisely because of love, so there will be created by pleasure, is created because there is pleasure, so in education, more full of love for the students feelings. Really educational, it is this never-ending love and create a virtuous circle.

Teachers love and respect are the windows to illuminate the soul of candlelight students, students acquire a better start in life at the hands of teachers, teachers only by their own love, and students can have a spiritual impact, in order to transcend the natural person to achieve the perfect property realm. Only by love can we teach students to love everyone around us, love the plants around them. Educator Makarenko Douglas once said: "love is a great feeling, it always work miracles, the creation of new people." If the students are my bees, I am willing flower honey; if my students the flowers are, I must do a good jobgreen leaves; if my students are young, I must be good competent gardener; if my students are satellites, I must put them into a good journey thousands of miles of the rocket; if Rockets are my students do? I must be good soldiers, a rocket with a solid my shoulders, under their brilliant career path. Do not know you in order to allow parents, other teachers in order to know you, the most beautiful found in the children's eyes. When I looked at 100 pairs of desire for children's eyes, just as exposure to bright sky, and at this piece of flashing Stars, I will find a clear mountain spring such as the truth, goodness and beauty. Teachers under the sun for the most glorious cause, let us join hands, do not recall, not a loss, trials and hardships, you move forward.

Thank you!






教师的爱与尊重是照亮学生心灵窗户的烛光,学生美好人生的开端掌握在教师手中,教师只有用自已的爱,才能与学生产生心灵的碰撞,才能超越人的自然属性而达到完美的境界。只有以爱心才能教会学生去爱身边的每个人,爱身边的一草一木。教育家马卡连柯曾经说过:“爱是一种伟大的感情,它总在创造奇迹,创造新的人。"如果我的学生是蜜蜂,我甘当采蜜的花朵;如果我的学生是花朵呢,我一定做好护花的绿叶;如果我的学生是幼苗,我一定当好称职的园丁;如果我的学生是卫星,我一定当好把他们送上万里征程的火箭;如果我的学生是火箭呢?我一定当好一名火箭兵,用我坚实的肩膀,顶着他们踏上辉煌的前程。 别为了让家长认识你,别为了让老师认识你,最美的发现在孩子们的眼睛里。当我望着孩子百双渴求的眼睛,就像置身于灿烂的星空之中,在这片闪烁的星光里,我将找到清澈如山泉的真、善、美。老师们,为了太阳底下最光辉的事业,让我们携手并肩,不回顾,不彷徨,风雨兼程,勇往直前吧。


Miss Qin is my favorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady in her thirty-two years old. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My classmates like her very much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher. She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, she writes good articles. She tells us if we want to write good articles, we should read books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is important for a good teacher.



Miss Hou is my high school English teacher. Her English name is Jenny. She looks so weak that a strong wind may blow her away. She is not too tall, about 150cm. She is experiened of English teaching. She teaches me for three years.In the other word, she is the only English teacher during my high school study. She is special. She will show an English song to us before her class. A few days later, she will ask us to follow the singing on the tape. I can still remember some songs she taught us. It is strang that she looks so weak, but no one in my class will against her word. I think maybe is because her own personality.Everyone respects her. She is serious in work, so that our whole class’s English is good. Happily, she is our friend after class. She always palys badminton with us. She is also ready to help us if we have any difficultiy. In my mind, a good teacher is more than a million books. And she will be my mentor forever. Jenny, my teacher, I love you.



Good morning, honored judges. It is my greatest honor to stand here to share my teaching story that affects me deeply .From that thing, I realized that a teacher should have a student’s heart.

People often say: “Teacher is the engineer of human spirit”. So I was so proud to become a teacher when I graduated from the university. As a new teacher, I felt good and confident at first. Because the knowledge of middle school was so easy. I had thought that I could do better even though I didn’t prepare for the lessons. But that day a little boy named Yu Fangzheng changed my mind completely . I remembered that I taught a topic about sports in Grade 7. At beginning, the students were very active. Because this topic was familiar to them. But suddenly, a boy asked me how to play basketball and the rules of it. At that moment, I couldn’t say a word. Because I had no interest in sports in my daily life and before the class I also didn’t prepare for it. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what I should do. At that moment, Yu Fangzheng stood up and told the rules, even though the history of the basketball. This thing affects me deeply. It makes me know a teacher shoud have a student’s heart. Teaching is also learning,

As the greatest educational expert said: “ If you refuse learn from your students humbly, you will not know his growth environment, his ability, his needs; then, you can not teach him well even though you have excellent skills and rich knowledge.” As teachers, we need to " charge ", we should accept opinions of students with an open mind .We should forget our roles when we face to our students. At the same time, we should have courage to be their students , to build our classes together, to study together ,to play together to share happiness and sadness with each other.

Teaching is learning. I will always be a teacher with a student’s heart .keep learning from my students. I believe that I will be a good teacher in the future. Because I also believe a saying: “there is a will, there is a way!”

Thank you very much!!







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